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Slow travel and cooking classes in Casentino, Tuscany

We organize cooking classes and other tailored travel experiences in Casentino.

The original idea came up from a friendship between three women, having in common their love and attachment for the Casentino territory. 

Kirsti, a Finnish entrepreneur with long experience in promoting Italian design in Finland and North Europe and visiting Casentino since the Seventies.

Sara, an Italian artist and illustrator, strongly attached to her homeland but also curious towards different people and cultures. Sara has also experience in various fields of tourism and hospitality.

Daniela, an Italian chef and humanist. She has lived and worked several years in Australia.

Daniela cherishes Casentino’s culinary traditions with passion, creativity and generosity.



Kirsti Bäcklund


Daniela Curzi


Sara Brezzi

Image by Chris Barbalis

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