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The Casentino Valley


The Casentino is a valley nestled in the Apennines between the cities of Florence and Arezzo,

in North-Eastern Tuscany, Italy.

The ring of mountains that surrounds the region has prevented the spread of motorways and major railways, preserving the valley’s natural state.

This ancient land of forests, medieval castles, monasteries, Romanesque churches and fortified towns, is still quite unexplored by tourists.

The national park, including Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna is one of Europe’s purest forested areas, featuring wildlife, such as deer, boars, forest reindeer and even wolfs.

The food producers in Casentino have invested a lot of energy in sustainable agriculture, re-evaluating ancient artisanal methods and bringing to life old varieties of fruit and wheat.

Casentino is an enormous treasure for its unique cultural and natural collective!

We want to share the uniqueness of this territory, respecting the nature and the local traditions, far from the madding crowd. 

We tailor thematic activities for small groups - immerging slowly but profoundly - into the core of Casentino.

Image by Andrea Zanenga
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